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For many auto enthusiasts, the term vintage cars can meant any cars that are manufactured 30 to 40 years ago. However strictly speaking, vintage cars are cars that are manufactured in the period after the end of World War I and before 1930. Vintage cars today are seldom seen on the street, some particularly rare models even fetch record high prices when traded in auctions or car shows. For collectors though, owning a vintage car is a great source of pride. And for enthusiastic restorers, the time and effort spend reviving the old vintage car into a showpiece can be a fulfilling experience.

One of the easiest ways to find bargains for vintage cars is to source them through the internet in particular online auction. The items at our store page are obtained from the world’s largest auction site eBay, where listings are updated real time to get you the best offers in vintage cars. Feel free to browse our stores as well as read the articles, I would be adding more restoration articles as the site develop.

A 1925 well restored Flint car at a Australian Rally (Image released to Public Domain by Brian Jenkins)

So why on earth do people go through all the trouble of buying and restoring vintage cars? It is all about the pride. Vintage cars are a great addition to any car collection as these cars represent an era where automobiles and their owners where regarded as the elite as only a number of persons could afford them.

Plus, the vintage cars that are worthy to be restored are cars that have made a significant impact in their era. These cars where those that raised the bar in the automobile industry and they deserve to be restored to showcase what they have offered to the industry and why they have made such an impact.

For collectors though, owning a vintage car is a great source of pride. Having a piece of automotive history in their garage allows them to feel as if they are members of an exclusive club. While not all people would love to have a vintage car, for those who do, there is a certain aura of distinction. For these persons, their vintage car is an extension of themselves and this is what, more than its high fair market value, makes vintage cars truly priceless.

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